Linuxfest Northwest 2007 Exhibits - 9:30AM-5:00PM - Table Map - Presentations -  
Table Title Sponsor Catetory Description
1 Greeter LFNW General Pick up a schedule and survey here
2 WWU Computer Science Department Western Washington University Education Awaiting exhibit details. Dr. J. Michael Meehan is an Associate Professor of Computer Science Western Washington University.
3 Solar Energy Potential Surveyor Sehome High School InvenTeam Devices We are a team of high school students from Sehome High School, who have received a grant from the Lemelson-MIT Inventeams Foundation. Our project is to design and build a Solar Energy Potential Surveyor (SEPS). The goal of this is to place a small, relatively inexpensive device in a location where a solar panel is being considered. SEPS would then take a measurement of all obstructions and compare to databases to perform various calculations and give various outputs. This device implements a vast array of open source technologies in an embedded environment. It is running on a minimalist embedded Linux operating system, with Apache Web Server, PHP, Ajax, MySQL, GCC and a variety of other software.
4 Linuxfest Yard Sale Candela Technologies General New, used, and odd computer related items for sale. Proceeds go to the linux-fest organizers. Contact for donations.
5 Candela Technologies Candela Technologies Network Candela Technologies provides the LANforge network testing and network emulation products designed to help users test their networks and applications.
6 Load Balancing and SSL Acceleration KEMP Technologies Network Linux Based Server Load Balancing and SSL Acceleration. Includes a product display and literature with pricing.
7 Linux Training at Edmonds Community College Edmonds Community College Education Advertising our Linux program and our Linux security certificate
8 Cobia: The Convergence of Networking and Security StillSecure Security Come learn from security expert Martin McKeay about the new convergence paradigm for networking and security. Cobia is a Unified Network Platform that delivers critical network and security functions through open, flexible software. Cobia operates on off-the-shelf hardware and takes advantage of the latest in virtualization capabilities. Learn about the growing Cobia community of users and open source contributors, and how your network can benefit from Cobia.
9 Perl Books and Training from Consultix Consultix Programming Tim Maher will be selling autographed copies of "Minimal Perl for UNIX & Linux People" (see and answering questions about his UNIX, Linux, and Perl training services.
10 Komodo IDE 4.0: A New Dynamic in Web Development ActiveState Software Inc Programming Komodo IDE 4.0 is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications.

Come by our booth and check out our demos of Komodo's feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML.

Program in Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and/or Tcl? We'll show you how you can quickly and easily create robust web apps.

And our Komodo Dev Team will walk you through Komodo's comprehensive editing and debugging, intelligent tools for regular expressions, team development, customization and unparalleled extensibility.

Pick up your tickets for April Brews Day from our table. Pick up your Linuxfest Northwest 2007 coupon at our table to save on Komodo IDE licenses too.
11 The FreeBSD Project The FreeBSD Project BSD We will showcase devices running on FreeBSD and PC-BSD and distribute literature and CDs pertaining to FreeBSD and PC-BSD. We will have a PC-BSD and/or FreeBSD Developer on hand to answer technical questions pertaining to the operating system.
12 openSUSE Novell Distros The openSUSE project is a worldwide community program sponsored by Novell that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. The program provides free and easy access to openSUSE. Here you will find a community of users and developers, who all have the same goal in mind: to create and distribute the world's most usable Linux.
13 BTC Festnet BTC Network
14 Exhibit hall bandwidth CSSNW Business CSSNW is donating bandwidth for the fest network again this year. Please visit their table and learn about the services they provide.
15 MythTV MythTV Applications I would hope that most people in the Linux community have heard of MythTV by now. At least a couple of us (one core dev, one major contributor) will be at Linuxfest as part of the Silicon Mechanics crew, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to set up a MythTV table.
16 Bellevue CC Bellevue CC Education Showcasing the BCC Gaming and Animation degrees and student work.
17 Zenoss: Open Source Systems Management Zenoss Network Zenoss Core is an enterprise-grade network and systems monitoring product that delivers the functionality IT operations teams need to effectively manage the health and performance of their entire infrastructure through a single, integrated package. Zenoss Core is released under the GPL and supported by Zenoss Inc.
18 Raffle, Exchange, Swag and Info (1) General Raffle tickets, TShirts, Canadian exchange, swag. Tickets support the fest.
19 Raffle, Exchange, Swag and Info (2) General Raffle tickets, TShirts, Canadian exchange, swag. Tickets support the fest.
20 Linux Bookstore Village Books (1) General Books for all aspects of linux use. 10% of sales donated to Linuxfest.
21 Linux Bookstore Village Books (2) General More books
22 Oracle Oracle General Visit the Oracle exhibit table to pick up software and get tickets to April Brews Day.

Help is avaialable at the Oracle intsall fest presentation on Saturday and Sunday.
23 Second Life Linden Lab General Recruiting
24 Silicon Mechanics Silicon Mechanics (2) General Silicon Mechanics has one of the most comprehensive rack-optimized server and storage product offerings available in the industry. It is our primary goal to build the most technologically advanced systems possible, and deliver them to our customers at truly competitive pricing.
25 Silicon Mechanics Rackmount Servers and Storage Solutions Silicon Mechanics (1) General SILICON MECHANICS is a leading integrator of rack-optimized servers, storage and high performance computing products. We were founded with the express objective to provide rack-optimized server and storage equipment directly to IT end-users. We design and manufacture solutions based on innovative technology, superior performance and higher reliability.
26 IT Monitoring with Open Source Tools Groundwork Open Source Sysadmin Join Peter Mui, GroundWork's Open Source Community Advocate in an open discussion about IT monitoring issues. Learn about an open, extensible, modular and standards-based monitoring solution that can be fully implemented in 1-2 wks for no capital outlay.
27 Colocation For your company FiberCloud Security waiting for details
28 Pogo Linux is Hardware Built For Linux Pogo Linux, Inc. (2) Devices More hardware from Pogo
29 Pogo Linux is Hardware Built For Linux Pogo Linux, Inc. (1) Devices Since 1999, Pogo's been the renowned pioneer in Linux-ready hardware. From entry-level workstations, to quad-core servers, to expandable storage into the petabytes, Pogo is your only choice for quality, value, and Linux compatibility.
30 Google Google General Stop by our booth for tickets to April Brews Day.
31 Real Networks Real Networks (Sat) General Rhapsody Music Service.
32 AtraMax Server Blue Mountain Internet Distros Maximum reliability, top notch security, easy administration, less customization, value added business features, all at an affordable price.
33 rest area blug General
34 Bellingham Technical College Bellingham Technical College Education Bellingham Technical College will deliver superior professional technical education for today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities.
35 Home A home media & automation management platform with PVR, media player and smarthome.
36 Taclug Tacoma Linux Users Group General Tacoma Linux Users group will be on hand to show off some of their handiwork and talk LUGs.
37 Southern California Linux Expo Southern California Linux Expo General SCALE 6x will be taking place in Feb 2008. We would be interested in promoting our community event to your attendees.
38 Hands On Linux Kitsap Peninsula Linux User Group General KPLUG experts will be available to sit down with visitors and walk them through normal desktop activities using Ubuntu Linux. Web, email, word processing, spreadsheets, audio editing, etc.
39 FSF Booth Free Software Foundation General The Free Software Foundation is dedicated to promoting computer users rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs. The FSF promotes the development and use of free software, particularly the GNU operating system, used widely in its GNU/Linux variant.
40 Puget Sound Networking Users Group PSNUG General Building Technical Skills Through Teamwork And Education

Helping members realize Open Standards and investigate Open Source.

Creating cross platform networks.
41 TAPCUG Linux SIG Tacoma Area PC Users Group Desktop Demonstrating SUSE, Mepis and Puppy Linux on systems available to public in exchange for donations.
42 Building web sites with Plone/Zope Portland Linux/Unix Group, Linux Fund General We will show a couple web sites we are building using plone/zope technology and discuss it's capabilities.
43 Ubuntu Ubuntu- PNWTeam Distros Demo Ubuntu 6.06 and 6.10 and pick up Ubuntu CD's
44 Frugalware Frugalware Distros The latest and greatest from Frugalware.
45 Mono Northwest The Mono Project Programming The few, the proud, the Free Software .NET code monkeys
46 TAG Technology Alliance Group (Sat) General TAG was founded in 1999 to serve technology companies in Whatcom, Skagit, Island and San Juan counties. Our mission is to promote, educate, and advocate for Northwest Washington technology businesses. TAG is affiliated with the WSA and as a TAG member you enjoy dual membership with the WSA.
106 Email Garden in G-106 RE Lectronics Network RE Lectronics will provide Linux desktops for public use in G-106 down the hall from the main exhibit room.

RE Lectronics is Bellingham's only volunteer based non-profit that recycles, rebuilds and promotes reuse of old computers.
109 Sehome High School Info Tech - Tech Bldg room 109 Sehome High Education Come see the cool things that high school students are doing at Sehome. Do you have a computer problem you would like a student to help you solve? We will bring a gallery of student work and students will be available to answer questions and demonstrate their skills in a variety of areas including programming, web design, 3D modeling, computer art, and video game design.

Sehome High offers a variety of information technology classes ranging from video production to programming.