Linuxfest Northwest 2007 Survey Results  
Where did you come from? How did you hear about it? (source) Source name
Port Angeles1
Tallahasse, FL1
Rhode Island1
BainBridge Island1
Billings MT1
Arlington, WA1
Durhan, NC1
Olympic peninsula1
King county1
Edmonton AB1
Boston, MA1
Bozeman, MT1
Spokane, WA1
Jefferson County1
Benton County1
Gig Harbor1
User Group68
Word of Mouth46
co worker2
IRC MythTV-users1
Googling Linuxevents1
Googled for Linux Conference1
Previous attendance1
I was here last year1
been coming for a few years1
Peers and Website1
OSCON 20061
previous attendance1
Linux Action Show1
BC Fross, Open Source Google grp1
Don't remember, some website1
MythTV Users Forum1
BTC CNET student1
Candela Technologies1
Pervious attendee1
I'd been there before1
Mailing List1
Asked to speak1
already subscribed to fest-list, orig: GSLUG1
Linux Action Show podcast1
Third year attending1
instructor at BTC1
Pogo Linux1
Holly street banner1
mail list, K12LSTSP1
Whatcom Independent1
Linuxfest boot conference in Portland1
my employer1
Internet search1
Bellingham Herald2
bellingham herald1
Husband - attended last yr.1
Downtown Bham1
bellevue linux1
pnw ubuntu group1
Bellingham Linux User Group1
FVLUG Abbortsford BC1
other attendee1
Coming for several years1
Holly Street Banner1
SLL1 mailing list1
Livejournal (Seattle)1
The Linux Action Show! (LAS)1
Internal to company1
mailing list I *believe* was python usr grp1
MWVLUG mail1
Cascadia Weekly1
Banner in downtown Bellingham1
Mailing list online, email discussions1
Bozeman LUG1
SASAGI mail list1
Linux Action Show1
PHP Conference Vancouver1
Holly Street banner1
Seattle Plone User Group1
TACLUG,Seattle linux list1
Across downtown1
Active State1
4th year here.1
Don't remember1
In the Trenches1
IT club at CWU1
SSC Linux list1
BTC calendar online1
Fellow geek1
Real networks1

Your level of expertise Exhibits visited Likely to attend LFNW again How many days this year

Exhibits Lectures Facilities Food Organization

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Liked: Sunshine, participants, sponsors, party at Radio Museum.
Improve: Skip April Brews Day.
Liked: Community, good lectures, well attended by peers
Improve: Location Location Location
Liked: Two days! The expert talks.
Improve: Even more focus on non-overlapping talks and repeating talks. It was great this year, and hopefully will get even better.
Liked: The multiple food vendors on day 2. The 1.5 hour lunch break. Presentations repeated on day 2. The Silicon Mechanics/Linden Labs party. The OLPC, Google and Hacking the Cellphone presentations.
Improve: BTC is a great venue but I wish the exhibit floor hadn't been as crowded on day 1. It was hard to talk to exhibitors on day 1. Maybe there is a different configuration of tables possible. Possibly there is a way to draw people into Haskell lobby as an alternate/expanded exhibit floor. The Haskell common spaces are really nice and could be utilized for some kind of exhibit/open activity, etc...
Liked: OLPC talk. Local vendors. Mythtv booth. kde mce booth.
Improve: better signs in the area. list of events/presentations clearly marked on website.
Liked: It was well organized. Seminars were easy to find and everyone was helpful.
Improve: More space for exibitors. The area was always packed and it was difficult to navigate.
Liked: I like that you had more presentations and doubled up on some of the more popular ones. Also like more than salmon on the menu. It gets better every year.
Improve: Some of the presentations needed to be cleaned up a bit, but over all they where good. I'm not sure why there needed to be a hour and a half lunch. Most people just data around. I don't get to use Linux very often and that makes me just a sometimes user. I would like to see more presentations on mid level use. There were a lot of high end user presentations and a few lower end, but not a lot of mid range.
Liked: I greatly appreciate that the Fest was put together and made available to those interested. I didn't get a lot out of it personally, but I do believe it helped those people less familiar with the topics discussed. I plan to attend next year.
Improve: The content of the lectures seemed more to convince the audience to do something instead of giving instruction on how to actually do it. For example, the "Strong Authentication" lecture only recommended that we use one-time password keyfobs to secure our applications and networks, but didn't really tell us how to go about doing so. Shane Caraveo's talk about XUL was nice, but it was too short to be of good value as he couldn't really get "into it" and had to gloss over the topic. (Nothing against Shane, of course!) I didn't really learn anything new from the talks. There was an IRC channel set up for the Fest by someone, but I had a feeling that it wasn't "official". I would recommend that next year there be an official IRC channel advertised in advance. I would be interested in highly advanced topics if such topics were available.
Liked: Finally got to meet my entire Team, met a few vendors and collected some cards for contacting in the future. Was a great opportunity to network with some great people.
Improve: Our team only had one table, and things were a bit cramped for us. The room used appeared to be just a little smaller then what we needed (was close the size, but was a little cramped IMO)
Liked: 1) the fact that it WAS a 2-day event meant that I didn't miss it completely for not being able to attend on Saturday 2) there was enough fun stuff available to keep my 7 year old interested throughout the day 3) great opportunity to hook up with old friends and meet new ones. 4) descent network connectivity throughout
Improve: 1) More venders == larger area to hold them. 2) a greater podcasting presence to potentially offer up all of the presentations post event via podcast.
Liked: I enjoyed the Software Patents presentation by Karen Sandler and the OLPC demo by Jesse Keating. Getting to meet fellow Linux users is always a treat. I also enjoyed presenting, perhaps a lightning preso session where each user is allowed 5 minutes would bring out some more talent.
Improve: Inform presenters if there will be any special restrictions such as a captive portal which would prevent headless servers from joining the network.
Liked: Comfortable, casual feel, cost, sunshine! Radio museum reception was great, brewfest was too but for different reasons.
Improve: As a vendor: we had a five foot table, which would've been OK except that we were between two companies with displays designed for 10-foot show booths, so their backdrops overlapped behind our booth and we felt wedged in. Also, in general there was no easy way to get around the tables as they abutted each other. The brewfest was still too loud and crowded. Suggestion: organize an "ask a Geek" area associated with the brewfest where we can mingle with each other and locals can mingle with us (hey, "Installfest at the Brewfest") Or organize a beer voting and ranking system with live updates people can observe over the evening (am I getting too wild with ideas here?)
Liked: Good speakers, well run, good to see exhibitors (big and small)...
Improve: I feel there is 1.5 days worth of 'stuff' so not sure two days works - but 1 day IS too short.
Liked: Spotty exhibits, but some were quite good (others were so-so). Same with lectures; some were quite good (but not all).
Improve: More detailed write-ups on the lectures should be available at the fest, so I can make more informed last-minute decisions. Also, Bellingham is FAR for me. I'm unsure if most of the folks were from Bellingham or not (Bellingham isn't that large an area in terms of population relative to Seattle). The fest should be located in an area that's proximal to most of the attendees.
Liked: Catching up with my friends, the presentations were excellent. The program made everything easy to find and understand.
Improve: Nothing really. Very minor: Some of the rooms were a little stuffy like the AC was switched off?
Liked: minimal fluff range of topics range of material for different skill levels other attractions than just Linux and hard tech stuff
Improve: still hard to attend all interesting presentations. Make it last a week ;) run some presentations several times/day (general Linux interest stuff)
Liked: The lectures were far more than I expected given a local conference, that "felt" from the outside that is was a small event. Turned out to be larger and more impressive than I expected.
Improve: The website for the conference and marketing (with small/no budget). If we could somehow get the word out there via blogs, etc I think we would get more credit and set higher expectations. If we received more credit, we would get more attendees which would lead to more donated dollars. (Obviously not linear). Next would be handling impromptu volunteers. I showed up early, offered to help and there was nothing for me to do. I volunteered again on Saturday and there was again nothing even though everyone was clearly in "chicken without head" mode. I would suggest a project/volunteer coordinator that everyone that needs assistance comes to and this person could then farm out the work. If this person was there, they sure were not clear about it.
Liked: Radio party! Booth Babes! Liked meeting more of the exhibitors like StillSecure, SciMech, Zenoss. Good to say hi to Pogo again. I liked all talks I attended. Was surprised that so many on Sunday were so well attended, too. Talks were pertinent and instructive. I think quality of the presenters was very high this year.
Improve: Don't advocate April Brews Day anymore. Getting vendors to do a Fest party was a very good idea.
Liked: The Fest, Sat evening events.
Improve: We didn't know there would be so much food at the Silicon Mechanics reception so we ate before we arrived. Hampton Inn was very nice but it looks like they need Linux because their internet was down.
Liked: Having the high school and WWU students do exhibits; the huge LCD display with EtherApeshowing our bandwidth usage; the Silicon Mechanics server giveaway;
Liked: loved the diversity of presentations
Improve: number of us got into web discussions in a variety of places - might be good to see a design based track...
Liked: I'm in awe. This is an amazing fest. The caliber of presentations is unbelievable. The guy from Real Networks, Livejournal, MySQL, plus local practitioners. Very cool. I liked the Indian food booth - invite them back next year!
Improve: Three days! ;) USENIX LISA has BoFs and the "hallway" track where random conversations turn into sessions with a guru. Informal stuff, mostly, but can really be valuable socially and technically. Dunno what can be done to facilitate these connections, but for next year I am thinking of wearing a big "ask me about foo..." sign if I'm interested in evangelizing and conversing about foo. Maybe a forum track (presentations are half-duplex at best: good for transmission, but not discussion) ? I brought the family up, figuring the wife and kids would hang out in B'ham while I geeked out. They wound up staying for most of Saturday. The robotics thing was great! I wonder if there is even more could be done for kids. (I'm looking into 'coding it myself' and seeing if I can contribute something to the fest.)
Liked: World Famous Raffle, Everyone seemed really friendly and helpful, Fest volunteers were very informative, presenters seemed to really know their topics, the after party was awesome.
Liked: Excellent chance to meet up with fellow *nix users in the area to exchange ideas and meet a few new friends. Also a chance to learn from some of the greats in their excellent presentations.
Improve: Facilities were on the small side, especially for the exhibition hall, but I think it worked out OK. In an ideal world, there would have been fewer concurrent talks and have the talks in bigger rooms. It was tough for me to attend all the talks I wanted to see as they were at conflicting times. This is kinda nit picky, though, as BTC was gracious enough to let us utilize the venue. And with that in mind it was GREAT!
Liked: Two Days
Liked: Good sessions, great lunch!
Improve: A bit far for me to travel for a day... would have made both days had it been closer.
Liked: robots and the hottie linix chic geeks!!!!
Improve: more hotties..? Better adverts for the fest locally.
Liked: Two day fest, good talks, relatively big name presenters.
Improve: Me winning the server in the raffle... More interactive talks, perhaps workshop style, hands-on (a keyboard? ) ex: talk on ajax, the audience could build a simple 1 page script, etc.
Liked: Free t-shirts. I really like the presentation on Thumb Fun with Linux (ubuntu) by Bob Lewis and Network Monitoring with Nagios by Taylor Dondich.
Improve: I would like to see more "hands-on" projects, the technical work that really proves the power of linux or any open source software. Something like "setting up a web server" "setup a file server" or "configuring linux security".
Liked: Having 2 days was awesome. Having continual functional easy to use wireless is a big plus over some conferences I've been to. As a speaker, it was VERY low stress, you guys did an awesome job organizing it.
Improve: A little bit longer between talks for tear down/set up time would be nice. A "scratch" room to continue a conversation from a talk in would be good too.
Liked: [*] It was fun to meet people there, friends old and new. [*] The second day was great. (I wasn't able to make any lectures on Saturday, but I made two on Sunday.) [*] And the Second Life/Silicon Mechanics afterparty was AMAZING!
Improve: I brought my son on Sunday to see the robots, and they weren't there!!
Liked: Broad in scope. Kids were welcome. Healthy mix of beginners to extremely advanced. Lots to pick from. The Robotics group was great! The game programming father/son team was great. Really enjoyed the scripting for dummies speaker.
Improve: Love to see more of the Robotics group. Love to see more embedded systems exhibits and classes. Maybe somebody from ISACA related to Linux security. A third day (lol). Even more for the kids! Maybe somebody from NASA and how they use linux. A "hardware for dummies" presenter. More on Windows to Linux conversion for Home users (without all the political smack talk) Windows users will come if they feel welcomed rather than degraded for using windows. Unless of course we're not wanted. One presenter was really ill prepared and it took away from the event. I understand Linux users are politically inclined towards free stuff but one presenter spent more time on how he felt things should be free than he did on being prepared to present. It was the one presentation I was really looking forward to gaining from yet I got the least from.
Improve: More food choices.
Liked: Get to know people's theory of open source code and knowledge/options wise in opensource.
Improve: Please have more pratical examples and hands on situation. Be specific in the session titles or what not.
Liked: Lectures rocked
Improve: Space, sound systems
Liked: I enjoy everything
Liked: free :) well-rounded selection of lectures
Improve: larger exhibit hall/more exhibitors
Liked: Chance to get together with other birds of a feather
Liked: Variety
Improve: Presentation review & vetting: some appear interesting only to be completes wastes of time. Peer review before acceptance.
Liked: 2 days - more chance to hear all talks.
Improve: more exhibitors
Liked: Community
Liked: Organization, lots of talks, diverse talks
Liked: Free! Good lectures.
Liked: Lots of useful talks
Liked: everything
Improve: More repeated lectures
Improve: Schedule on website named 'Schedule'. Make mailing list signup work from smart phone/pda.
Liked: Lectures and raffle
Liked: Raffle
Improve: Location
Liked: Less vendor selling seminars.
Improve: More workshops. Add workshops.
Liked: talks/lectures
Improve: more sessions
Liked: Size was nice. Not too big or too small.
Liked: Create mix of guest speakers, fun to meet people from the community.
Improve: Almost starting to need more space...
Liked: Well round of keynotes
Improve: Grouped by speciality so that we can attend our speciality.
Liked: Two days to get more seminars
Liked: Great conversations
Liked: The various levels of the seminars, install fest, more chicks this year.
Improve: Some kind of posted skill level for each lecture. Maybe a 1-4 sentence description on the web page for each class.
Liked: People
Improve: Lecture videos online for later reference. Youtube.
Liked: I liked the turnout!
Improve: More people
Liked: Linuxfest provided my team (Ubuntu PNW) with an awesome venue to share Linux with others . Thanks for everything! We would love to offer a presentation next year.
Improve: The only thing I think we could improve on is advertising for the fest. I think it would be best to get the date up on event related websites as soon as it's known AND start hanging posters a month or two in advance.
Liked: I actually got to walk around and go to talks this year. Last few years I had to stay at a table.
Improve: The best that could possibly happen is to have video in everty room so you could watch all the lectures online later.
Liked: Quality of info.
Liked: Very wide range of topics-no primary event. Everl level of expertise.
Improve: Advertisment
Liked: Linux!
Improve: Looks like more space will be needed next year
Liked: Seminars/lectures
Improve: Larger venue for keynote guest of some sort.
Liked: I was able to miss everything on Sunday and go to Canada.
Improve: Food selection. Beginner and Advanced courses.
Liked: The atmosphere. The event also scaled well, even though there were quite a few attendees, it felt "one on one".
Improve: No idea, just keep up the good work!
Liked: So much information.
Improve: Exhibits-more space/walking room
Liked: Variety of subjects.
Liked: The spirit of open source and the one laptop per child program really inspire.
Improve: Better advertising of the event to bring in more local business and educate them.
Liked: Frienliness,informality
Improve: bigger exhibit area, more vendors(like linux Journal). Room direction signs in Haskell, sell name tags to raise money. Raffle should start on time, go much faster. How about have a computer flea market in the parking lot.
Liked: I liked all of the diverse seminars.
Improve: Don't know.
Liked: The talks and the informal networking (social that is).
Improve: Require exhibitors to stay to the end of Sunday. Annoying that many were closed by noon.
Liked: Awesome!
Improve: The seminars should not start/stop back to back. Provide time to walk to next room or take a break.
Liked: Better presentations every year.
Improve: Longer hours to accomodate more pres. attendance.
Liked: Glad to have 2 days.
Improve: Raffle on Sunday to balance attendance both days. More presentations middle of day w/ variety of lunch schedules. No need to have one scheduled time for lunch for everyone.
Improve: The lectures could be more prepared beforehand. (Poperly set up network, etc.)
Improve: Directions for rookies-which are for beginners
Liked: Food
Improve: Maps
Liked: Quality people
Improve: exhibit layout, access to front door, registration
Liked: I liked the variety of activities.
Improve: More presentations and exhibits. I enjoy talking to exhibitors.
Liked: The mints.
Improve: Seminars/Lectures
Liked: Glad to have 2 days this year to be able to see presentations I would have missed otherwise.
Improve: Don't need to schedule time off for lunch. Schedule 5 presentations each day and make lunch optional.
Liked: Linux - variety - from crude to very high tech.
Improve: More room.
Liked: The people are great, seminars are usefule, location is good.
Improve: More room for people and exhibits, maybe some workstations for novices.
Improve: I think a brief description of each talk would be great, i.e. I went to a Linux @ home for beginners (considering myself a beginner and didn't hear anything my 6 year old wouldn't know. Just more clarification, I guess.
Liked: openness, nice people
Improve: Higher level content
Liked: Great people, good organization
Improve: more educated talks, like kernel hacking
Liked: Linux!
Liked: Linux MCE
Improve: Free stuff
Liked: Greeters, weather
Improve: registration ahead
Improve: I must have missed something. All I saw was one room with a hand full of venders. I folloed a sign to another building promising robotics and game development but found only dark empty classrooms.
Liked: quality of presenters/presentations
Improve: Class/presentation ends at the exact time the next one starts. You need a 15min. break to give time for people to move to next presentation AND for people to have a few minutes to setup.
Improve: Repeat some of the lectures. There were too many that I wanted to see and only so much time to see them.
Liked: Copywright and Patent discussions
Improve: Presentations should be available on a CD, or for download.
Liked: 2 days was great. Street signs were good. Salmon lunch was excellent. After party totally kicked ass!!!
Improve: Food on Sunday was mediocre. Brew fest is so oversold, it;s not even worth mentionning. Hampton Inn needs a new ISP (I know this is NOT a Fest problem ;-)
Liked: Folksy atmosphere and friendly people.
Liked: That it was two days. Saturday night Linuxfest party.
Liked: The connections and extending the open source project
Improve: More exhibits
Liked: A chance to attend a workshop I missed because of a conflict. I loved Sundays. Thanks for making this the best fest.
Improve: Divide raffle over two days.
Liked: Lots of exhibits,lots of friendly people!
Liked: There's a lot to see.
Improve: More food!
Liked: Free
Improve: More exhibits.
Liked: More seminars/lectures.
Liked: Thanks for the two day format. Don't be discourged by low volumes on Sunday-it will take a few years for folks to get it.
Improve: This many geeks in one place need a liitle help on how to share space and respect their neighbors.
Liked: Non-commercial feel.
Liked: Basically everything.
Improve: More exhibit space would be great, but thats about it.
Liked: It's free.
Improve: Squeeze more sessions into the days and have them repeat more often if possible. Survey each of the seminars to identify desired repeats. I found they ranged from really good to ok. Some sessions were forced into 60 minutes.
Liked: Well organized, good speakers.
Liked: Seem to have more beginning talks.
Improve: At some point you should start including more intermediate talks. Need more room in exhibits hall. The three times I was in there, it was impossible to move.
Improve: More space.
Liked: Learning new stuff. Filling gaps in knowledge.
Improve: Linux adoption.
Liked: 2 days. Easier to schedule attendance.
Liked: Repeat presentations.
Liked: Just about everthing.
Liked: Chances to talk to new folks. Relatively quiet party was great.
Improve: Ride share coordination. Smaller posters witjh more relevant information.
Liked: All the free shirts,pens and stuff given away. I liked there was a lot of presentations to choose from.
Improve: Can't knock it.
Liked: Many exhibits. Nice facilities.
Liked: Fun. Schwag.
Improve: Food.
Liked: Beerfest and lectures.
Liked: @ days with seminar duplication!! I got to see almost everything I wanted.
Improve: More hands on seminars/lectures.
Liked: Presentations: OpenID,Python,LibreServices Exhibitors: OneLaptop per Child,PSNUG,Bookstore
Improve: Provide more veggie food-you were out by the time I got to order.
Liked: Like the second day added.
Liked: Whats not to like?. Favs: MythTV booth,copyright talk by Karl Fogel.
Liked: Variety of seminars offered at several times.
Improve: More entry level subjeect matter(novice level).
Liked: Linux MCE
Improve: More free stuff
Liked: Seminar/Lectures
Liked: Free stuff
Improve: More free stuff
Liked: The demos and the chance to test out other versions of software.
Improve: More in depth panel driven demos.
Liked: Variety, fun to be around other enthusiasts
Improve: More in depth on hacking Linux systems
Liked: Seminars
Improve: Epand booths - score more exhibitors
Liked: There was a nice mix of vendors and there are repeats in the presentations so if you miss one you can have another chance.
Liked: Presentation topics, booths
Improve: Nothing, maybe space
Liked: Seeing the MIT children's computer
Improve: Its pretty good - lots of conversations going on!
Liked: Knowledge / contacts made
Improve: More vendors / bigger selection
Liked: The people are freindly and helpful.
Improve: The map of where the rooms are.
Liked: Very friendly, interesting cross-section
Liked: Location and seminars
Liked: Free software info, friendly people, well organized.
Improve: Coffee should be served all day!!
Liked: Impressed by fact of urban market district having this good a show
Improve: Nothing, good enough
Liked: Prominence of free software vendors and information.
Liked: Seminars get better
Improve: Exhibitors can be more diversified
Liked: Seminars
Liked: It was
Improve: Label seminars/lectures for skill level
Liked: Not corporate
Improve: Diversity in talks next year - some are the same as last
Liked: Freiendly exhibitors. Ability to network.
Liked: Great grassroots
Liked: The opportunity to learn without cost or hassle
Improve: Culinary services should have out salt/pepper
Liked: The exhibits
Liked: Turnout
Liked: Seminars are interesting and useful
Improve: More exhibits would be nice
Liked: The people
Improve: Booth space
Liked: Free T-shirts
Liked: Bunisoft girl. Seeing friends, making friends.
Liked: Lots of swag this year
Improve: More entertainment
Liked: Good seminars
Improve: Name tags for visitors
Liked: Exposure to potential new Linux users
Liked: More and better lectures
Improve: Food lines
Liked: Free Ubuntu live-CD, plus experts, enthusiasm and encouragement to try it.
Liked: Community run, not a tech publisher or vendorfest.
Improve: The cooking classrooms suck for presentations.
Liked: Interesting individual exhibits
Improve: More
Improve: In my opinion the handling of the raffle was a complete mess. Trying to get everyone to crowd into the exhibit hall was a bad idea. If a fire alarm had gone off, I bet some people would have been trampled. It seems like you should have closed the raffle 30 minutes before the last lecture ended, picked the tickets and then posted them on a few bulletin boards. Or perhaps held the raffle outside where there was far more space, and people wouldn't be tripping over each other.

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