Linuxfest Northwest Presenters as of 4/9/2008


firstname lastname company title
Deepan Chakravarthy Hacking the Web
Eric Hopper Setting up IPv6 in an IPv4 world, it's much easier than you probably think!
Shane Caraveo ActiveState Open Komodo, the open source development environment for dynamic languages
Eric Promislow ActiveState Software Inc. Scaling up With JavaScript Without Annoying Your Users
Eric Promislow ActiveState Software Inc. Having it Your Way on the Web with GreaseMonkey
Rob Wehrli Arizona Cooperative Power GUI Linux apps using Qt
Jakob Perry Asemblon, Inc Ubercart + Drupal = ecommerce bliss
Jed Reynolds Bitratchet High Performance MySQL: lessons from the trenches
Jed Reynolds BitRatchet PHP, xcache and Memcached
Carl Symons Linux and open source 101
Andrew Becherer Booz Allen Hamilton Startup on a Shoestring: Introduction to Amazon EC2 Virtual Servers
David Czuba Bumperverse The Digital Textbook Initiative
Ted Haeger Bungee Labs Freedom and the Cloud: Developer Platforms meet Software as a Service
Ilan Rabinovitch Bytesfree Hacking the legislature with
Jono Bacon Canonical Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop
Paul Moore Centrify Corporation It Actually Makes Sense - Integrating Linux IdM with Microsoft AD
Aaron Racicot Ecotrust - Z-Pulley Inc - CUGOS Open Source GIS - Hacking out the maps
Robert Keller Ferndale School District #502 Open Source Telephony Solutions
John Locke Freelock Computing Small Business Glue: Mashing up open source applications to run
John Locke Freelock Computing staff Open Source for Business
Thomas Stocking GroundWork Open Source Five Points for Effective Open Source Monitoring
Thomas Stocking GroundWork Open Source Merging of Open Source and Proprietary Management Solutions
Paul Bartell GSLUG Enabling Public Libraries with FOSS
David Hazel Hazel Consulting LLC Drupal GOTCHA'S - Hardening and Optimizing your Drupal site
Dan Stangel Hewlett-Packard FOSSology - open source license analysis
Tom Eastep HP Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM)
Brian Lane Imp Software Replace Yourself With Python
Leon Towns-von Stauber Intelius Centralized Logging with syslog-ng and SEC
Chris Travers LedgerSMB Project Business Accounting with LedgerSMB
Rob Lanphier Linden Lab Hijinks and tomfoolery on the 3D Internet
Sean Boisen Logos Bible Software Natural Language Processing in Python using NLTK
Elaine Tsiang Monowave Corp. shva - a javafx web app for annotating speech
Scott Dowdle - BozemanLUG OS Virtualization vs. Machine Virtualization
Iain Davidson Myna IT Consulting XO - 12 months - Where is it now, where is it going?
Iain Davidson Myna IT Consulting XO Laptop - Challenge Jam
Brian Aker MySQL AB Caching via libmemcached
Chris Petersen MythTV MythTV in a nutshell
Matthew Craig Nashville Linux Users' Group Understanding Fair-Use as Defined by American Copyright
Frank Rego Novell, Inc. The State of the Mono Project
Mel Chua One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Grassroots Groups the Stone Soup Way: breaking down tech/nontech barriers
Brian Hatch Onsight, Inc Network Protocols Illuminated
Brian Hatch Onsight, Inc Shell Programming from Scratch
Cooper Stevenson OpenSourcery, LLC. Practical Thin Client Deployment
Joe Brockmeier openSUSE / Novell A Look at KDE4
Tim Witteveen Pacific Northwest National Labratory NWPerf - Linux cluster profiling
Gary Smith Pacific Northwest National Laoratory Using Open Source Software to Implement Host Integrity Monitoring / Host Intrusi
Russell Senior Personal Telco Project, Inc. Community Wireless Networking
John Blanford Planetary Data Sytstems PHP CodeIgniter
Jennifer Hodgdon Poplar ProductivityWare Custom Content Types for your Drupal Web Site
Mark Wong PostgreSQL Global Development Group ptop is 'top' for PostgreSQL
Angus Pratt Pratt Web Services 0 to 60mph - 5 page Corporate Website In 45 Minutes
Peter Scott PSDT Perl TBD
Chuck Wolber Quantum Linux Alpha Geek - Shaving the hair off the dog...
Jesse Keating Red Hat Fedora Distribution Toolbox
Jesse Keating Red Hat What's under the hat? A sneak peek at Fedora 9!
Jesse Keating Red Hat BOF Fedora
Landy DeField REVELinux Freedomware Consultants
Ross Turk SourceForge Behind the Curtain: SourceForge Infrastructure, What's Available to Developers
Bryan Thurber The Gadjo Gypsies Gypsy Jazz/ Vintage Swing music
Aaron Klemm Control Your Social Data with OpenID Other Technologies
Dirk Morris Untangle Will Open Source Make you a Rockstar
Dirk Morris Untangle Zen and the Art of Software Maintenance
Robert Scott Untangle Alpaca - The painless way to configure network services
Bob Lewis Washington State University ANFSCF: An Introduction to Python
John Huddleston Western Washington University Programming Lego Robots in Linux
James Mason Yamato Engine Specialists Kicking and Screaming: Bringing SMB Users the Benefits of FOSS.
Troy Davis Yort Labs LLC Call Your Code: Gluing Asterisk to Apps
Mark Hinkle Zenoss Monitoring You Network with Zenoss Core