Linuxfest Northwest 2009 Survey Comments  
Liked: Enthusiasm and good weather.
Improve: Add some variety so it doesn't get stale.
Liked: The diversity of the crowd, the exhibits and the lectures.
Liked: The sense of community
Improve: More lectures and content for newbies
Liked: Everything
Improve: More entry level tutorial presentations.
Liked: Everything
Improve: More should be done to encourage newcomers to attend, and more emphasis should be put on providing facilities for welcoming and educating them.
Liked: It was a very solid fest -- good presentations, a wide range of distros and software (and hardware). Good people, great organization of the event and excellent weather helped, too.
Improve: I should win the big prize next year :-)
Liked: It was nice to finally get noticed by Whatcom Community College this year. There was plenty of food and great brew at the Saturday night party, the music volume was just right, and the belly dancers were a nice touch.
Liked: Sharing w/ my fellow geeks, knowledge acquired in lectures, everything overall
Improve: Promote more regular-folks lectures such as replacing Office w/, The Gimp, Evolution use, etc. and perhaps add an InstallFest so that people can bring their PCs/laptops and install Linux right there and then.
Liked: The fact that is is owned and run by the grassroots organizations
Liked: Great talks, interesting people.
Improve: The rice with the salmon was undercooked. The belly dancers gave the message that programming/software/open-source is a guy thing. Otherwise keep on keeping on.
Liked: Light crowd. Enthusiastic representatives at the booths. Friendly people everywhere.
Improve: Foot traffic seemed very light on Sunday. Maybe having a one day event would be better.
Liked: Enjoyed having celebrity status speaker (Jon Maddog Hall). Loved the after party (Thanks Watcom College!!). Liked the timing between presentations. Food is always excellent.
Improve: Would like less overlapping sessions when the numbers of presenters are fewer. Less likely to attend anything that covers two or more sessions. It is unclear if okay to drop-in.
Liked: Spectrum of presenters, from 'celebrity' to local users.
Improve: Very little enterprise representation at exhibits - no enterprise Linux vendors (HREL, SLE). Add, or suggest, more audience-specific tracks: Small Business track, Home User track, developer tracks, etc.
Liked: it seemed a little bigger this year!
Improve: The entertainment on Saturday was a missed opportunity. Instead of appealing to something that *most* attendees have in common (appreciation of a scantily clad female form) that time could've been used to bring people together around something geeky that all of the attendees have in common. For instance, the radio museum was great. I've seen old-school video games go over really well at tech conferences. Maybe someone could present a weird history of Bellingham or have the radio museum folks put together a skit? Just to be clear I was not offended. I'd just rather see the time on Saturday be better used to bring people together.
Liked: A nice gathering of Linux folk.
Improve: Raffle should be on Sunday.
Liked: community experience
Improve: Organisation
Liked: Mad dog
Improve: Multimedia. No one presentation I attended could get there laptops to work with thr overheads for some time(waisred) and getting a network conection was bad, Suggest a hard wire connection with no set up and high priority be available. Suggest better guidlines for presenters. To setup X.
Liked: A lot of people attended and as an exhibitor they seemed really interested in what the fest had to offer. Which made for a more entertaining show for us. We were able to have a lot of conversations with people who were interested in servers.
Improve: N/A
Liked: I really enjoyed looking at the exhibitor booths. The VIM lecture was great as well
Improve: I would have liked more talks on systems administration. Cfengine, Nagios, Postfix, Spamassassign. I'm sure it's hard getting speakers for events (and it sounds like some of it is up to volunteers signing up for specfic topics) - but most of the talks (at least their descriptions) didn't interest me. Otherwise - it was a fun event and I'm looking forward to next year!
Liked: Opportunity to hobnob with colleagues. Great information presented in lots of interesting ways
Improve: Let's drop the Mini Drupal camp next year and make sure we schedule an intro to Drupal presentation early in the schedule.
Liked: The geekiness. Energy and good will. The Libre ness
Improve: The lectures are too wishy washy. Each lecture should be backed by a set of presentation slides and/or paper. The presentation slides should be available at least one week prior to the lecture on the web. That way people can see and decide if the lecture is relevant to them. Each presenter, needs to supply a contact page so that people can reach him/her.
Liked: I was at an exhibit the entire time so I did not see the lectures, however, I enjoyed how friendly everyone was and the after party was a really good way to talk to people in a different setting.
Improve: Everything was fine from what I experienced.
Liked: diversity of activities and presentations; things for kids; big names - Monty, Maddog, Allison; the party seemed to be more friendly and professionally run
Improve: longer belly dancer entertainment at the party
Liked: Great, relaxed environment.
Liked: The volunteer-focussed, unpretentious, friendly atmosphere.
Improve: Copy editing on the program site (my talk description had typos)
Liked: Stunning lineup of presenters! Weather, too.
Improve: Would be awesome to hold raffle outdoors if weather were good again. For videos, a parabolic mic would be good addition to video equip for videos in H108 to pick up questions.
Improve: I'd love to see more BSD content .... but that takes presenters who want to talk about BSD ..... And next year I could talk about ISR which is Linux based :)
Liked: Well organized, relaxed atmosphere
Improve: Longer fest time overall. Could be nice to have a bit more room in the booth area
Liked: I very much enjoyed the presentations.
Improve: Nothing significant.
Liked: I enjoyed presenting (Vim). It was cool to see Monty and Randal there. I liked that all sessions were 45 minutes.
Liked: Meeting and talking with people about linux related tech stuff.
Improve: Not sure.
Liked: Excellent quality of the speakers and topics. There is a lot of really knowledgeable people and it's good to hear from them. The food, as always was much appreciated.
Improve: This was my 4th time to LFNW and it seemed a bit more cramped than usual. I'd hate to think that the event was outgrowing the venue. Perhaps it was just the presentations that I chose to go to.
Liked: The camaraderie, linux enthusiasm. Beautiful weather. Clean venues. The linux tutorium was an excellent idea.
Improve: Some longer sessions with more meat to them. Like 2-3 hour *some software* tutorials where you bring in your pc and use to learn. An installfest. Hands on stuff. For me 45 minute lecture is not enought
Liked: KDE group being there,Maddog presentations, Food.
Improve: Presenter AV setup test, Get all presenters slides to post on the site.
Liked: Presentations.
Improve: More (all if possible) presentations should be recorded and put online. I don't recommend ustream because it doesn't have a download option. I've recorded presentations and I post ASAP after the event. Should be done today actually and will email info. The move to 15 minutes between presentations was a little too much I think. I know it was done because previous amount was too little. How about 10 minutes? 45 minutes seemed to be a rush for many presenters. The projector situation was a snafu again this year. I tried my laptop before my presentation and got it working fine. More presenters should do this... but why they don't I don't know. The room "Fedora First" was in was in especially bad shape and didn't even have a VGA cable there. Many presenters spent 5 - 10 minutes trying to get the presentations going. :( Hope I don't sound like I'm complaining because I think the show was fantastic.
Liked: The topics were great! Most of the speakers were great! The food was great! The exhibit hall was a lot of fun. Thanks for all the hard work!
Improve: Many of the topics that interested me were presented at the same time. Having the more popular talks presented multiple times would really help. A couple of the speakers didn't seem to be prepared to speak and so the topic in question was not covered as well as it could have been. Perhaps having the abstract and a copy of the presentation before the show would being more complete presentations.
Liked: The quality of the presentations was excellent for the most part. The material was useful and directly related to what I do for work. This is a great conference
Improve: It would be nice to be able to get a copy of all the presentations. I couldn't attend every the presentation I wanted to because they were scheduled at the same time. It would also be nice to have the presenter's email address. I didn't always get a business card. What is posted today, 04/30/09, is not complete.
Liked: The breadth of lectures.
Improve: In ten years, Linuxfest NW has reached the point where it is outgrowing the rooms used at Bellingham Tech. The exhibit room was often too crowded, most of the lectures I attended had more participants than chairs, and I skipped at least one lecture because there was no room. Lectures that are more technical in nature would also be appreciated.
Liked: I was only able to attend a couple lectures and visit a view exhibits. I enjoyed the lectures, and enthralled with the Scratch exhibit.
Improve: I would suggest more obvious placement of the check-in desk so you can get more accurate head counts in the future. The people I sat with during lunch noticed I didn't have a wristband and told me where to go to get one. I managed to attend lectures and could have easily entered the exhibit hall through the other door without getting counted.
Liked: Willingness of organizers to accomodate my presentation needs
Liked: Monty
Liked: Lots of exhibits to look at, interesting people to talk with, free wifi.
Improve: There seemed to be too many "good" lectures being given at the same times. It would be nice if they were spread out differently (by topic?)
Liked: Robots for kids seemed like it was really cool. The people were great, and it was fun to talk to them.
Improve: Shipping was a problem for exhibitors. Narrow walkways. Food for vegetarians was a bit problematic. You need people doing wristbands at both sides of the hall. ;)
Liked: facility is awesome, so is the after party
Improve: The website should be more interactive with the community. Its current design is very '90s like. What about coordinating with SeaDUG or vanDUG to help with a redesign?
Liked: I like the opportunity to connect with other Linux users.
Improve: I'd like the atmosphere to be more technical. Perhaps there should be a greater separation of tutorials and technical research talks. Furthermore, the talks should be better prepared and presented. Perhaps, present some kind of awards for best talks or prescreen them. The problem is getting stuck in talks that are initially interesting but not worth while. Perhaps have an hour of lightning preview talks with can serve as a basis for deciding which talks to dedicaate an hour to.
Liked: The BTC Saturday cuisine was awesome as always! Enjoyed Eric's FF Addon presentation and Gary's tail of Drive Wiping. Basics of Plasmoid creation was also nice.
Improve: This is mostly directed towards presenters. Talking about your product with hands on style/demo's is fine. Zenoss on Sunday was great example of this done right. But just showing slide after slide of words is rather boring. An unnamed 11am Saturday session was of this latter variety. After the first 5-10 min, nothing new was said. The remainder became clock watching and mind wandering.
Liked: Plenty of time between lectures also gave presenters time to get setup and ready, that was nice.
Improve: If the slots are not filled up spread them out more so that less is going on at once. I would rather stay longer and see more than get out early but miss other presentations.
Liked: Raffle, LUGS, Bellingham Wi-Fi mesh net
Improve: Good Job : - )
Liked: I liked most of the exhibits and the Tutorium (which is there every year, so it applies to LFNW in general).
Improve: Less exhibits as 2008.
Liked: The spirit of collaboration, and the casual aspect.
Improve: Can't think of anything. It was a blast.
Liked: good talks, esp. Security & Physics
Improve: finalize schedule earlier
Liked: Enthusiasm for Linux. After hours party.
Improve: Need something on Sunday to boost attendance. Also exhibitors that are not there on Sunday should get lowest priority next time.
Liked: I always love seeing the same people that show up year after year. I liked the Amazon code snippets a lot. The garage sale table, the raffle, the party!!, ... so awesome.
Improve: I always wonder about people's impression of the fest that show up only on Sunday during presentation times. It always seems a little barren. I also wish we could prevent exhibitors from tearing down too soon on Sunday.
Liked: Social Networking and discussion with experts.
Improve: Lecture on installing Linux, use of Distribution Package, lecture on Linux OS and basic command use. Need more beginner lectures and instruction.
Liked: Monty and MadDog where incredible
Liked: The way business and personal use of Linux merged into a professionally and personally satisfying experience on the whole.
Improve: Ensure after party activities do not serve to exclude women from feeling involved and comfortable at LinuxFest Northwest. (Aka: the belly dancers were really a poor choice of entertainment for the party.)
Liked: It was great to hear Mad Dog and Bryan Las. The good and the bad of Linux contrasted. The broad selection of subjects was great.
Improve: I never did understand the structure of the tutorium. Maybe I simply didn't research enough.
Liked: I thought the quality of presentations was very good this year.
Liked: Helping people out, I have to admit I am not a linux user,maybe someday..
Improve: The setup and also the party should be split for people who dont drink maybe one year have a drinking party the next a nondrinking party..
Liked: Very grassroots, lots of interesting content. Very high signal to noise ratio.
Improve: The "World Famous Raffle" was a bit of a "cattle call". Any chance it could be done more efficiently, such as having a partner "prep" the prize package and hand it to Bill once he's awarded the previous one?
Liked: Community feel, lots of friendly people, very low-key and fun.
Improve: Given the crowd, I think there needs to be a "Linux 101" type booth.
Liked: The amount of people I could talk to about linux. Also the tutorium was awesome, those guys were so helpful!
Improve: I think you need to screen your presenters/presentations a little better. Half I attended were poorly presented. Turned me off of attending the second day.
Liked: The quality of the presenters, nice exhibitors, great atmosphere.
Improve: A user registration system with an online community for pre-fest interactions would be cool.
Liked: Thanks again to BLUG for giving me a booth in exchange for the advertisement in the "Hackett and Bankwell" #1 ebook. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one day, but the copious visitors had nearly exhausted the "Hackett" promotional materials within the first 5 hours. I like the attendees best.
Improve: Not sure; BLUG has this conference down IMHO. The only minor annoyances I can think of are all the stray cords from the different booths, but I hardly think that's noteworthy as a problem.
Liked: The organization and the network setup, one of the best I've seen.
Improve: Not much to improve, keep up the good work
Liked: The great talks! The Vim, Plasmoid and World Domination talks were especially good
Improve: OSS VM session was too crowded.
Liked: Laid-back, enjoyable, great crowd.
Improve: Should have a Linux 101 booth, lots of people new to Linux.
Liked: Great forum for getting the word out about BTC programs. Thanks for making sure to include us in the lineup of booths.
Improve: Sunday could be scaled back or include a major speaker; we didn't have much traffic the second day.
Liked: The variety of presentations
Improve: If it is possible to gauge interest levels in the presentations, then perhaps more popular presentations can be allocated to larger rooms. Many of the popular presentations were standing room only.
Liked: Ultimate Congregation of geeky nerds
Improve: More seminars, Sunday was lacking a bit
Liked: Volunteering
Improve: More of the same, more on end user apps
Liked: the friendlines
Improve: perhaps the number of exhibits
Liked: Volunteering
Improve: More of the same, more on end user apps
Liked: Several programs I found very informative
Improve: More "simple" lectures and less enterprise lectures
Liked: Mad Dog
Liked: Tutorium facilities & Staff excellent
Liked: Linux
Improve: More talks on security
Improve: Presenters not ready to use video projectors, need a video guy in each room or train presenters.
Improve: Longer hours-Later in day
Liked: Good speakers
Improve: keep doing good job
Liked: The presentation was all good
Improve: Bring Linus!!!
Liked: FREE!!! cool stuff, history is AWESOME!
Liked: Dupal
Improve: Add Dupal Beginners talk
Liked: The presentations. The booths were nice too.
Improve: Advertising the event. attract more people and speakers.
Liked: Big names (mad dog, montey, ect.) community feel
Improve: Maybe larger rooms and better control of people coming in
Liked: monty + mad dog
Liked: good mix of presentations
Liked: people, lectures, food, prizes
Improve: more lectures
Liked: Friendly People, Great Exhibits
Improve: Nothing
Liked: Networking
Improve: The after-party entertainment was not really appropriate
Liked: Good variety of subjects/talks
Improve: the aisles around exhibits were a little narrow
Liked: learning form presentations
Improve: quality of exhibits, better presentations, skills of presenters
Liked: People
Improve: Nothing
Liked: The People
Liked: Supportive and friendly folks
Improve: Nothing
Liked: The free stuff
Improve: some presention were off to a rocky start
Liked: everything
Improve: more free swag
Liked: Friendly vendors, very organized
Improve: More publicity
Improve: More-everyone well presented and represented
Liked: The Presentation
Improve: more bags
Liked: various exhibits
Liked: Excellent Info, friendly atmosphere, fun, helpful, raffle
Improve: It would be nice if lecture facilities wear a little bigger. There have been some pretty packed houses. Oh, and I should win something in the raffle.
Improve: Advirtise more
Liked: The people, very friendly and knowledgeable
Improve: Maybe a few more exhibits, possible a little more, everyone friendly
Liked: like communtiy
Improve: all is pretty great
Liked: Good classes, Great raffle, great labs
Improve: In general everything is pretty good. Is there online access to presentation material?
Liked: Interaction with vendors + other areas
Improve: More
Liked: The People
Improve: More Programs
Liked: Exhibits, seminars, raffle
Improve: More exhibits!
Liked: Raffle
Liked: Helpful Tutorium, Great Fedora Folks, VIM Lecture was great. Portland State Rocket Kids (article in MayLinuxJournal)
Improve: Some lectures/talks very crowded. What to do? Tickets?
Liked: all of it!!!
Improve: Central info needs a big sign!
Liked: The robotics exibit
Improve: organization of the after-party
Liked: All I attended
Liked: Convience. It is nearby.
Improve: I ought to speak next year. Maybe I will.
Liked: free stuff
Improve: organization of after party
Improve: more education software for rookies- how to
Improve: Signs at the odd corner
Liked: Information provided.
Liked: The Friendly stuff
Liked: Everything
Improve: Can't think of anything
Liked: New to experienced user are all thought of here
Improve: More Direction/Signage
Liked: Quality speakers
Improve: Food
Liked: Diversity of vendors
Improve: The AMD Girls Should be here
Liked: Presentations
Improve: More interactice activites- Seume/Job Search learning opportunities
Liked: This is a great conference- The very best Linux Conference in the county
Liked: Talks, Location of rooms halls
Improve: WIFI
Liked: Community
Improve: Variety of lectures. All are for noobs & programmers(for the most part).
Liked: Variety of subjects
Liked: presentations/ exposure to new tools and ideas/ opportunity to network after party is usually cool
Improve: Projector systems are the bane of presenters everywhere, having a dry run would help some
Liked: Monty
Improve: more breakout session. Less conflicts with different sessions to sys admin sessions covered
Liked: talks separated into topics
Liked: Monty
Liked: Knowledgeable people may exhibits
Improve: only maybe the food
Liked: Good Content
Improve: More Booths
Liked: Exposurer to open source projects
Improve: N/a
Liked: Everything
Improve: Nothing
Improve: Presenter Feedback forms
Liked: The presentation
Improve: more professional looking exhibitions
Liked: Good speakers
Liked: IS discovers physics-EFF
Improve: More info on speakers and subject matter. more opportunities for ad
Improve: My Hearing
Liked: Robot room
Improve: More seating in lunch area
Liked: friendly folks!
Improve: nothing I could see
Liked: Presenters, varity
Liked: everything
Improve: none
Liked: the genral exitement of it
Improve: none
Liked: I liked to small, fun, atmosphere and the sponsorship
Improve: Better Description of lecture
Liked: Seminars
Liked: Meeting and talking with linux users
Improve: More space for raffle!
Liked: Everything
Improve: nothing
Liked: i enjoy any gathering
Improve: More exhibits maybe
Liked: After-Party should be noted
Improve: more space for raffle event
Liked: The super door greeters
Liked: Great sense of community
Improve: more exhibits
Liked: great seminar
Liked: Good Presentations
Liked: Enjoyed the wide variety of exhibits
Improve: more stuff
Liked: talks/exhibits
Liked: Execellent Quality Papers
Liked: lots of friendly people
Improve: overcrowded, hot lecture rooms!
Liked: everything
Liked: more lectures/shorter time length
Improve: more authors from outside the northwest- bigger names.etc
Liked: meeting customers
Liked: good exhibits, good presenters, good location
Improve: more everything
Liked: conversations

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