Asterisk C Voice over IP

Bruce Bock


Have you ever thought that you might like toexperiment with or use an IPBX at home or in your   business? Here's your chance to see what it's all about.

Asterisk C is an Open Source, Linux based, IPBX application developed by Mark Spencer of Digium, the company behind Asterisk. Asterisk @ Home evolved from the core Asterisk. It consists of several major components.

These were developed under GPL supported relatively by users themselves. It consists of applications, a provisioning system, an installer, and an operating system that, together, make a complete package ready for use as an out of the box PBX.

You might be asking, "What is Asterisk?" Think of Asterisk as the world's finest telephony toolkit. Just about anything you've ever heard on a telephone can be built with Asterisk. It provides a rich collection of building blocks which allow people to call you using virtually any telephony platform including POTS (plain old telephone system) and VoIP (voice over IP).

I chose a bundled Asterisk product called Asterisk @ Home that provides Linux, Asterisk, Apache, MySQL, and PHP all rolled into a single CD.

I will bring in a working Asterisk @ Home system to give you a hands-on approach to what Asterisk is all about.