BLUG meeting Thurs Jan 3rd, at BTC

Carl Symons


This Thursday, Jan 3rd, at BTC, IN ROOM - CC201,from 6:30pm til 9pm, BLUG will have it's regular public meeting.
Meeting includes:
"Hands-on Help Time" from 6:30pm til 7pm, Linux News, Q&A, Carl Symons reports on Qt Developer Days Silicon Valley Dec 2012 and a presentation by Carl.
"Hands-on Help Time":
Starting at 6:30pm, 1/2 hour prior to the regular 7pm start time, BLUG offers hands-on help for anyone with a Linux issue. Bring your computer and let the BLUG folks give you a hand.
Report and Presentation:
Carl Symons reports on Qt Developer Days Silicon Valley December 2012. Qt's impacts and potential benefits are extensive. Qt 5.0 was released on December 19th. This was the first post-Nokia major release from The Qt Project, which has open development and open governance. There have been substantial changes in the Qt ecosystem that provide opportunities for software and product development in desktop, mobile and networked markets.
Qt overview, Qt and KDE - a smokin' deal, and the
Mer Project (leading core Linux OS for mobile and devices).
Who is this presentation for?
- Free and open software supporters; KDE and Qt are influential free & open software projects.
- KDE users and contributors; the KDE Development Platform is seeing significant changes based on Qt 5 and The Qt Project.
- People who want an easy way to learn or experiment with programming.
- Anyone who is interested in developing for mobile and other device products; Qt and Mer support product development and deployment with low technical and financial risk. Products can start as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard experiments and progress to production seamlessly.
WE WILL BE IN ROOM CC201, on the 2nd floor of BTC's new Campus Center Building.
Remember, this meeting is open to the public. Tell your neighbor and bring a friend!