BLUG meeting on Thurs Oct 4th, in new room at BTC

Carl Symons and John Blanford


On this Thursday, Sept 6th, at BTC, IN ROOM - CC201, from 6:30pm til 9pm, BLUG will have it's regular public meeting.
This month's meeting includes:
"Hands-on Help Time" from 6:30pm til 7pm, Linux News and Q&A
This month's presentation is by Carl Symons and John Blanford who'll present the following topic:
"Free/Open Source Software is available for most computers. But tablets and other devices are closed; locked down from their users. Mobile device computing is controlled by a few large companies. This presentation is about an alternative open platform. One where device owners' rights are a priority and creativity is not limited. It will cover the Mer Project, KDE's Plasma Active and a grass roots effort to produce an open tablet.
The presentation will be followed by an open conversation about shifting the focus of the FOSS community from personal computers to an integrated open platform. Apple and Google are playing for long term advantage with centralized services. How can FOSS principles be applied within a distributed, free environment to create an effective alternative?"

WE WILL BE IN ROOM CC201, on the 2nd floor of the new Campus Center Building.
Also Note our new regular meeting format:
BLUG will now have a dedicated "Hands-on Help Time" starting at 6:30pm, 1/2 hour prior to the regular 7pm start time. This time will offer devoted hands-on help for anyone with a Linux issue. Sooo, bring your computer or laptop and let the BLUG folks give you a hand.
This is an open to the public meeting so remember to tell your neighbor and bring a friend!