VOIP (Voice over IP)

Ben Greear of Candelatech


My company (http://www.candelatech.com) is just finishing up a VoIP call generator based on the VOCAL (http://www.vovida.org) SIP soft-switch.   I will be able to set up a very small network with 1-2 machines and my laptop and make calls to virtual endpoints as well as to a Cisco SIP phone.

For the presentation, I was thinking of something like this:

* Go over basic terminology, SIP, RTP, CODECs, etc...

* Show some protocol details of a single SIP conversation to give folks an idea of the protocol limitations and strengths.

* Make a call between two SIP phones using the VOCAL gateway software.

* Show my software calling a VoIP phone, describe at least briefly how the basic algorithms of my software (and VOCAL) functions.

* Use my WAN emulator product to insert latency/jitter/packet-loss into a call between the two SIP phones with audience participation.   This will give a good idea of how SIP/RTP stands up to various network conditions.

* As time permits, take additional questions from the audience and let audience poke at and try the SIP phones/machines.