BLUG Meeting 4/5 - LFNW2018 preview & Carl Symons: Visual Tools, Wicked Problems

Carl Symons


 Meeting Includes...
"Hands-on Help Time" from 6:30pm til 7pm, BLUG/LFNW & Linux News, Q&A, a preview of LinuxFest Northwest 2018, and a presentation by Carl Symons: "Visual Tools, Wicked Problems"

LFNW2018 Preview
Allow the LinuxFest Organizers to give you a comprehensive look into the Fest, coming up April 28 & 29. Learn the schedule, and the celebrations; see a broader set of highlighted sessions, find out what's different this year, and maybe get a sneak peek at some LFNW gear.

Carl's Presentation: Visual Tools, Wicked Problems
Presents several visual software tools for different kinds of situations such as learning, understanding, organizing. For when spreadsheets, word processors, memorizing, typical note-taking don't work well.

One such visual tool is handy for resolving problems that resist or defy solution: what's for lunch, what to do on vacation, dealing with climate change. The culture of free and open source technology might be handy for dealing with such issues. We'll take on one of those by working together on a current dilemma.

Hands-on Help Time
Starting at 6:30pm, 1/2 hour prior to the regular 7pm start time, BLUG offers hands-on help for anyone with a Linux issue. Bring your computer and let the BLUG folks give you a hand.

BTC Room CC201, on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center building. Remember this meeting is open to the public, tell your neighbor and bring a friend!