BLUG meeting Thurs Oct 1st at BTC

Mary Keane


Thursday, OCT 1ST, at BTC, IN ROOM - CC201,
from 6:30pm til 9pm, BLUG will have its regular
public meeting.

Meeting includes
"Hands-on Help Time" from 6:30pm til 7pm, BLUG/LFNW & Linux News,
Q&A, and a presentation by Mary Keane of the Foundry Makerspace

"Hands-on Help Time"
Starting at 6:30pm, 1/2 hour prior to the regular 7pm start time,
BLUG offers hands-on help for anyone with a Linux issue.
Bring your computer and let the BLUG folks give you a hand.

By Mary Keane of the Foundry Makerspace will present:
"The Foundry Makerspace in Bellingham OR Why was shop class so much fun?
Discover the local place for DIY...  
- 3D printing, surface mount soldering, aluminum casting, laser cutting
- Hand & power tools
- Classes and classroom space
- Hands-on projects with kids
- Friendly, encouraging space for promoting technology in the community
You saw the crowds around The Foundry's exhibit at LinuxFest Northwest...come
to the BLUG meeting to find out what is so interesting? Making things yourself
is rewarding; hard to do without a fully equipped workshop. The Foundry gives
anyone the access to tools, instruction and support to make stuff.
The Foundry is also a place to share your skills and interests. Free and open
technology depends on people sharing their work enthusiastically. So The
Foundry is a natural partner for BLUG.
Mary Keane, Founder and Program Director, will present about this valuable
asset in the community, with a virtual tour, some history, plans, demos,
samples and your questions."

ROOM CC201, on the 2nd floor of BTC's new Campus Center Building.

Remember this meeting is open to the public, tell your neighbor
and bring a friend!