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Increasing performance with rzip, z7a and lzop

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Mar 03 2005, 12:00am PST
United States
How to use little known, but top performing, lossless data compression utilities to increase backup and bandwidth capacities by up to 400%.

While Linux's best known data compressors may be "gzip" and "bzip2", my research has found that
"lzop" is faster, "7za" compresses more, and "rzip" achieves some of both with extra memory, which is becoming more and more affordable.

LinuxFest Planning

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Apr 07 2005, 12:00am PDT
United States
This meeting will be mainly focused on LinuxFest Northwest which is happening April 30th. here at BTC. We'll have our regular linux Q&A and linux news followed by Fest planning. Everyone is invited, and encouraged to participate.

Disk Based Backup with Rsync, Ssh and Dirvish

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Jun 02 2005, 12:00am PDT
United States
With the cost of disk drives becoming so cheep, many users are ditching slow and expensive tape based backup systems and replacing them with disk based backup.

I will talk about 3 linux based programs that can be used for disk based backup, rsync, a fast incremental file transfer program created by Andrew Tridgell of Samba fame. Ssh a secure network communication program, and dirvish, a perl script that automates network backups using rsync and ssh. If time permits, I will also go over configuring dirvish to work with Bran Hatch's authprogs


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Jul 07 2005, 12:00am PDT
United States
Jed Reynolds will present a demonstration about the FreeBSD based firewall, m0n0wall. M0n0wall is a run-from CD firewall that can save it's rules to floppy or usb, and wieghs about 10mb. Jed will demonstrate how to get started with it using it's slick PHP based interface, and point out advanced features, like traffic shaping, VPN, and DHCP options.

Asterisk C Voice over IP

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Oct 05 2005, 12:00am PDT
United States
Have you ever thought that you might like toexperiment with or use an IPBX at home or in your   business? Here's your chance to see what it's all about.

Asterisk C is an Open Source, Linux based, IPBX application developed by Mark Spencer of Digium, the company behind Asterisk. Asterisk @ Home evolved from the core Asterisk. It consists of several major components.

Summer Party

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Aug 03 2000,
12:00am to 1:00am
United States

oin other BLUGers for beer and Linux conversation at a local restarant (we usually meet at Boundary Bay Brewery). Stay tuned for more details.


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