.ORG Meeting

If you're interested in helping organize a talk for a future BLUG meeting, or want to help out with Linuxfest Northwest, come to our meeting every second Thursday of the month.

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Dot Org Mtg at Marks Thursday 19th

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Apr 19 2007, 12:00am PDT
United States
This Thursday the 19th is the special meeting of Blug's Fest Dot Org Committee.

A lot of last minute stuff has yet to be accomplished to pull this Fest off.

It's this Thurs the 19th, 7pm till 9pm, at Mark's house.

I'll still have some of the large posters available.

If you'd like to attend and need directions contact Mark at xxxx

see you there,


Bill Wright
bill at blug dot org

.ORG Committee mtg at Mark's Thursday

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Jan 12 2006, 12:00am PST
United States
The regular mtg of the .ORG committee is this Thursday 7pm. at Mark's

All blug'rs who are interested in the mysterious inner workings of BLUG are encouraged to attend.

They're lots-o-fun and a little work, see you there,

For directions email "Mark Ashworth". You can find his address on the Contact page.


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