Recent Meetings...

Meetings usually take place the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month. Members should abide by the BLUG code of conduct.
Our Thursday 7pm, tonight, at BTC BLUG meeting
will Not be in room D5,
instead it will be in Haskell 108a.

As John B previously posted,

"I will be doing the presentation this Thursday on the linux LVM."
Henri will present at our next regular BLUG meeting at BTC, Thursday July 3rd from 7 pm till 9 pm.

Groovy is an agile, dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual
Thursday June 5th will be our regular
BLUG meeting at BTC, in room D5, from 7pm til 9pm.

Mark Ashworth has volunteered to present on:

Title: Exporting data as Open Office spreadsheets using Java and Python.
Install fest for people who were introduced to Linux at LFNW 2008 and want to put it on their machines. Pass out completed surveys in batches to volunteers for data entry.
Very important meeting of BLUG's DotOrg Committee Thursday, April 17th, at our regular location, from 7 til 9pm. This is the 2nd to last meeting before LinuxFest Northwest! Watch the blug-list for other details.
The regular meeting of BLUG will be held Thursday Apr 3,from 7pm til 9pm, at BTC in room D5. For directions:
OLPC/XO laptop demo. Iain brought his XO laptop to the last org meeting and was asked to do a BTC presentation so other people could see it too. He is currently working with the in some capacity. Find out more at the meeting. 7PM in room D5.
Thursday Dec 6th, 7-9pm, in room D5 at BTC
will be the next regular monthly meeting of BLUG.

Wesley Taylor will facilitate this month's meeting.

Bring your most useful system administration commands and your
This coming Thursday, on Nov 1st, from 7pm til 9pm,
at BTC, in room D5, will be our regular meeting of BLUG.

This month we'll have two presentations =8'0
As well as, our regular agenda of Q&A, Linux news, etc.
Remember this Thursday, Oct 4th, from 7pm til 9pm,
in room D5, will be the regular meeting of BLUG.

We will have a presentation on MythTV by Henri,
as well as our general Q&A, Linux news and latest
Here are the notes from our 9/6/07 BLUG meeting
presentation submitted by Jeremiah Gray
for posting to the BLUG list.

IDS & IPS with Snort

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention have been popular topics of
This Thurs, July 5th, from 7pm til 9pm,
in D bldg (usually room D-5), at BTC, will be the
regular monthly meeting of BLUG.

Carl Symons will be presenting Scribus:
Tomorrow, Thurs June 7th, from 7pm til 9pm,
in D bldg (usually room D-5) at BTC, will be the
regular monthly meeting of BLUG.

Jim will be presenting on "system disaster recovery".
This Thursday the 19th is the special meeting of Blug's Fest Dot Org Committee.

A lot of last minute stuff has yet to be accomplished to pull this Fest off.

It's this Thurs the 19th, 7pm till 9pm, at Mark's house.
Jim Armstrong's talk has been re-scheduled for another month.