Recent Meetings...

Meetings usually take place the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month. Members should abide by the BLUG code of conduct.
Michael Titus will give a short presentation on HTTP cache and expiration headers that can be used to improve browser performance and reduce server workloads.
Hot news break! Tonight! Dec 17th 6pm till 10pm
ZigZag and Ragz the clowns, Will be at the blug picnic tonight!  
Troubleshooting and command line tips hosted by Wes Taylor. Bring your favorite tips and share them at the meeting.
For our last regular 7pm BLUG meeting in D bldg at BTC this year we're having a great line up of presenters.
1. Mark Ashworth will make that infamous default editor "Vim" familiar and easy to use.

This year's Blug potluck Christmas party/LFNWfundraiser will be held SAT. DEC 17th from 6pm till 10pm in the Fairhaven Pavilion at Fairhaven Park (same place as last year) in Bellingham.

This meeting will be an install fest hosted by blug. If you, or someone you know, wants help installing linux this is the place to come!
One of the hot topics at this year's Linuxworld conference was virtualization, the abstraction of hardware to provide higher utilization, increased availability and easier management.
The dataview project is a desktop app that exchanges data with a remote server. It's primary function is to download a set of records and files and allow you to work with them on your local system, even offline or the next day.
November's meeting will be an install fest. This is a chance to bring your machine and have the BLUG crew help you with a fresh Linux install. It'll be from 7pm till 9pm in D building room D-1 at Bellingham Tech.
There are some things you just can't do with static web pages. Ever wonder how sites like slashdot work, or how you can do things like check you email from a web page? Well, then this presentation is for you!
Microsoft and Apple are well-known bitter enemies. So it's no wonder that there's no obvious way to get their operating systems to cooperate. Luckily, it's easy to get a Penguin to watch over them and make them play nice with others.
It has been said many times that Apache is the world's most popular webserver. Because it lacks a GUI environment it may not appear as friendly to a newcomer as it's commercial rivals.