Recent Meetings...

Meetings usually take place the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month. Members should abide by the BLUG code of conduct.
A demonstration of the Corel Office Suite running on Linux (of course!). Word processing, spreadsheeting, and presentation graphics that rival MS Office!
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) is a method of combining several disks to form one larger virtual disk. Depending on the configuration, this virtual drive can provide increased data safety and/or increased performance.
This presentation will begin with an overview of lesser known window managers including: WindowMaker, Blackbox, IceWM, Xfce, and mlvwm (a mac-like environment).
Our own inimitable Chris Woods demonstrating how to "make" applications using the make command. A longer description to follow.
wondering how to type in VI? Wonder if there is anything else PICO can do? Do you dislike Both of these editors and want to use another? We will be Having Presentations on VI, PICO, NEDIT, Emacs, and more!
Boundary Bay Brewery
Samba is the tool used for making linux look like a Windows Server in a Windows network. Not only can samba file share, but it can be a logon server, pass passwords to NT domain controlers, and Print.
Max showed how JAVA can be used with an ORACLE database to manage DNA data at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The server side portion of the application runs on Linux and talks to an Oracle database on Solaris where the genetic data is stored.
With our confirmation of using D1, D2, D5, C5 as our rooms, we started to plan out the schedule for each room. There is still room for Vendors!
Irvin and John had the BETA versions of the flyers and brouchres to show at this meeting, and we also decided on distribution spots for the flyers.
John was hoping to present this at the March meeting, but since there was too much Linuxfest things to work on, he decided to wait until April. Nessus is a commonly used tools by admins (And Hackers) to Audit servers for exploits.
LinuxFest 2001 was a HUGE success, and we estimated around 100 - 200 people attened. Presentations were stading room only, Tutorials taught many newcomers to Linux, and many people came home with a raffle item!     More Information on the Fest:
Many people showed up with thier Linux boxes in hand to recieve help of all sorts. People with windoze and Linux machines reinstalled linux or installed it for the first time.
A change from last year, we decided to have the summer party outside instead of at Boundary bay. We reserved a shelter at Fairhaven park and people brought their systems to play games and troubleshoot.
Ever since Qwest announced its DSL service will be assimilated by the Borg ..(err Microsoft)..