Recent Meetings...

Meetings usually take place the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month. Members should abide by the BLUG code of conduct.
If you ever have been interested in seeing a real Server farm / Co-location center, this is the event to attend. We will be meeting at Fibercloud at 7PM, November 15th (Thursday)

Directions to Fibercloud, here is a map:
The last meeting of 2001!!!
Come to the first BLUG meeting of the year! This presentation will be focused on how to easily setup Linux to work as a full desktop replacement to Windows using the Ximian Desktop. Features include:
Ximian Gnome
Ximian Red Carpet
An introduction to Java Server Pages and Oracle using examples from a web application.

As time permits the following subjects will be covered :

Hardware architecture of application and database servers.
A synopsis of Jython - an implementation of Python in Java. Python is an O-O rapid prototyping language which plays very nicely with 3rd gen languages such as C/C++ and Java.
This month's meeting will talk mainly about Linuxfest design and setup for the 20th. More information will be added as it is brough to my attention.
This is it Folks, for more information about Linuxfest 2002, check out the site:
Wrapup of Linuxfest, as well as list highs and lows for this years event. More to come....
The Whatcom Co PUD will address blug members at our monthly meeting on Thur at BTC.
Want to see what the Greater Seattle Linux Users group do? Plan to meet Bill Wright at 8:30 at the southbound Park&Ride (near the Ex-Alberstons) We plan to leave Seattle between noon and 1:00PM.
Bill Weston, from Fiber Cloud, presenting a "How To" on "rolling your own" RPM's.
Plus, the regular BLUG format of QA, new, etc.
The open source Linux Terminal Server Project ( has put together some easy to use packages that make use of the remote desktop facilities built into X that allow you to create simple and inexpensive
At the Fairhaven park pavillion, potluck and pizza, raffle prizes
Want to know how to run Internet Exploder, Office, Quicken, or Kazaa Lite within Linux? I'll go over the Crossover office tool and plugin tool. If we have enough time I'll show how to run games in linux as well.