Recent Meetings...

Meetings usually take place the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month. Members should abide by the BLUG code of conduct.
Bill Weston, from Fiber Cloud, presenting a "How To" on "rolling your own" RPM's.
Plus, the regular BLUG format of QA, new, etc.
The open source Linux Terminal Server Project ( has put together some easy to use packages that make use of the remote desktop facilities built into X that allow you to create simple and inexpensive
At the Fairhaven park pavillion, potluck and pizza, raffle prizes
Want to know how to run Internet Exploder, Office, Quicken, or Kazaa Lite within Linux? I'll go over the Crossover office tool and plugin tool. If we have enough time I'll show how to run games in linux as well.
Mike DeMan from Open Access will talk about the base stations his company has designed to run 802.11b securely. It combines BSD, IPSec and many other features in hardware and software. Looks cool.
There will be regular announcements, question and answer, as well as general discussion, followed by
This is probably one of the most important BLUG meetings of the year.
VNC is cross-platform application used to remotely control a computer desktop. You've probably seen PC Anywhere--VNC is not limited to Win32 platforms in the slightest! Jed Reynolds will be covering install and usage.
A crash course in the "Debian Way"(tm).   Learn all that can be mentally digested about GNU, free software, the most heavenly packaging tool on the planet, and how to create order from complete choas! a one hour time span.
The first ever Interlugnic/LFNW 2004 kickoff. Location:

"Follow the Light"   Koinonia Church
1063 Hoquiam Ave. NE Renton WA. 98059-4315
phone: (425)430.8858
The next meeting will be an install fest / hardware type of meeting with a special emphasis on Debian.   Anyone who wants help installing or configuring Linux can bring their machine and get lots of help and encouragement.
I'll be providing an introduction to setting up and running a simple Linux-based server for some popular 3D action games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Half-Life.
Install Fest! Bring your box and have the linux gurus of blug help you install and configure your favorite flavor of linux. There will be lots of disto's to choose from. These events are a lot of fun so don't miss it.
Virtual Private Networks provide authenticated and encrypted connections between machines over the Internet.   Many good open source VPN systems are available.
Come one come all to the blug annual Christmas potluck. It's this Sat Dec 13th 5pm til 10pm at Fairhaven Park pavilion in Bellingham.